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AUDIT TECHS provides post auditing services only. We often hear comments such as: “I don’t need an audit. We already do our own internal audit”. Or, even worse, “Our freight payment company does an audit for us. We don’t need a post audit”.

  Many times we discover, when given the chance to delve into the audit discussion further, that what these people are referring to is a pre-audit.

There is a very distinct difference between the function and process of a post audit and a pre-audit.

A pre-audit is checking the invoices to insure that they are correct prior to payment. Usually this is nothing more than a double check to make sure that the numbers match up before executing payment. In other words, if the amount on the bill is the same as what the shipper company has agreed to pay, then go ahead and pay it.

We believe that only as a purely post audit company can we concentrate on rendering the highest level of audit service, without the distractions and potential conflict of interest that result from providing other services. As a result we have not followed our competition into the freight payment business and offering pre-audit services. (See “The Difference Between Pre and Post Auditing”).

A pre-audit may be done internally by the shipper customer prior to paying bills, or by the outsourced third party freight payment service company.

Pre-auditing is a standard good business procedure that does not take the place of or negate the need for a post audit.

  A Post Audit takes place after payment to the transportation carrier and is an analysis of much more than simply “do the numbers match for payment?”

A thorough post audit will look beyond whether or not the bills are being paid correctly (paying the amount stipulated in the contract or tariff, if the numbers match), and will determine if the bills are being paid precisely. The difference between precise payment, with every savings nuisance possible identified, and the correct matching of numbers, is the margin in which we discover over charges that result in carrier refunds to our customers.

It is the wrinkles in the variables where billing errors hide. Auto pay “Payment Exceptions”, surcharges out of the norm, empty car moves that vacillate, demurrage, duplicate payments, plain old incorrect payment data entry, and duplicate payments are examples of billing errors often not identified by a pre-audit that a post audit will catch.

Every shipper payment process should have a through post audit rendered by a sharp external third party post audit service that is in the business to do nothing other than post auditing of freight bills.